Find The Spend, To Control The Spend

One of the primary internal tasks is identifying who organises meetings & events. Event planners, secretaries and PAs are a starting point, but more and more, managers, divisional heads, and more expensive personnel are spending months planning gatherings. If a business cannot identify who is spending on MICE, cost containment will be compromised.

Really Useful Data, In Real-Time

With all data consolidated on the Event Management Portal pre-event, management can see supplier rates, preferred partner spends, high costs and cost-saving opportunities. Prevention of spend abuse is far more effective than reconciling spend abuse.

Management, Procurement & Finance Alerts

MiceMaster automates the process of monitoring policy, saving an enormous amount of time. As policy breaches or excessive spendings, such as a high ratio between budget and actual, is identified, the system robotically sends a consolidated report to stakeholders who can intervene if necessary.

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