About the System

Since the 2000’s corporates have been implementing online booking tools (OBT’s) predominantly to contain costs and implement travel policy rules, today, 94%* of larger companies use an OBT to control travel expenditure and reach volume-based discounts with preferred suppliers, equating to further savings. There are many technologies in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) space; planner tools, venue finders, registration and delegate apps, plus a myriad of new experiential and interactive technologies. But until now, none have been designed to cost contain MICE spend and drive policy compliance specifically. After pandemic disruption, and as meetings and events fire up, corporates are looking to reduce expenditure; MiceMaster is a system that does just that to realise significant savings.

Planners and organisers at all levels cannot simply book more expensive venues because they like the look or are under instruction from an influencer. With MiceMaster, they now have to justify the meetings objectives, costs to travel managers, departmental heads and procurement or finance stakeholders.

These disciplines now take place pre-event, allowing for intervention instead of post-event when the supplier invoices are submitted. As users engage with our planning module, the company policy rules notify the planner of out-of-policy actions prompting them to either make changes to the event or justify the ‘policy breach’ to their designated approvers. Some companies are happy to let the planner proceed as long as they are policy compliant; others utilise the systems authorisation functionality for all meetings and events. Either way, you now can control approval hierarchies reducing admin and saving time for all parties.

If this methodology sounds exactly like your traditional travel OBT, you are correct; now there is a platform to control that elusive MICE spend and optimise costs. MiceMaster supports users, travel managers and authorisers alike through user-friendly dashboards to simplify the management of MICE.

Planning Module

Our planning module will help the organiser manage an unlimited number of event components; flights, accommodation, transfers, caterers, audiovisual etc. The system will drive the rule if the company wants one specific supplier to deliver a service, i.e. flights booked by the TMC or the internal travel department.

If the event is highly complex and requires the services of a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), the user can quickly select which components the PCO must supply quotations for. MiceMaster ensures complete compliance; if policy dictates, the planner should plan those specific events directly with hotels or venues, then PCO’s will be excluded.

Compliance On A Different Level

It is recommended during procurement set-up that our system usage is made compulsory. If planners are continuously left to plan and book outside the system, lost data compromises compliance and reporting. This practice also presents companies with massive risk from a duty-of-care perspective as health & safety protocols are lost.

Another consideration from a compliance perspective is that companies may have lost significant planner experience due to the pandemic, forcing less experienced personnel to step outside of their skill-sets, leading to increased costs and poor planning. In Europe and the US, fewer secretaries and PAs are employed, forcing more expensive senior management has to organise MICE. MiceMaster overcomes these challenges by guaranteeing fast, professional planning and policy adherence which equates to cost savings.

Reconciliations for MICE

For the first time, MICE data and costs are available in real-time to key stakeholders. Auditors and accountants alike battle to identify, consolidate or account for MICE spend.

MiceMaster can parse data either via export or integration to allow for transparency and accurate reconciliations.

Get The Results Your Business Needs

If the company OBT is to guide travellers through the booking of air, hotel and car, MiceMaster applies the same logic to organisers and planners of MICE. The system displays the choices, recommendations and considerations when planning and procuringthe myriad of services that make up an internal or external event.

Travel managers, procurement specialists or divisional heads need to deliver cost optimisation; having sight of data in real-time and reporting in real-time is critical. The system will make sure planners are spending responsibly, following policy, paying the correct rates and fees and supporting preferred suppliers. If this is not happening within your company, there is a problem.

Is it not time to control all travel spend including MICE, and control the next normal?.

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